Greenland Particle Boards Pvt Ltd. is one of the best and leading manufacturers of wood based Particle Boards in India. We manufacture Particle Boards that are of premium quality and our primary customers are OEMs, manufacturers of furniture and other products of which Particle Boards are an eminent raw material.

Particle Board aka chipboard is an engineered wood product that is made from wood-fibre, blended with a synthetic resin  pressed in a hot press at a temperature of 180° to 200° C.


T.K. Salim


35 years of experience in business have made me realize that the specific ingredients for growth and success are Quality and Trust, never compromise on quality and build relationships with strong foundation of trust, success will certainly follow. 

Greenland Particle Boards Pvt. Ltd was our first venture in the manufacturing industry and with no exception to the above principle, we have strived in all possible ways to provide our customers with highest quality pre-lam particle boards produced using state of the art technologies. Looking forward to maintain our strong customer base and expand it at the same time, in the years to follow!!! I am very pleased to announce that our next project – Nailah Chip Boards Pvt. Ltd. – with an even larger production capacity is underway and is expected to start operations and sales by “January 2024" at Kannur District , Kerala State.

Posted on January 2022